Sunday, June 21, 2015

Make that a feather or three.....

Had my 3rd flight the other day and was told that the rust is starting to disappear.  Seems I'm getting to grips with the Dynamic rather than the other way round.....  But there's going to be about another 5 hours odd before I can get my licence back.  After that it'll be on to tail dragging.
Rex has started to deal with the flying and landing wires and I have yet to complete the engine cowling fixture.  I also have to source a turn & bank indicator that will be small enough to fit somewhere handy around the cockpit.  It looks like the back of the upper wing may be the only place left for it!
The weather has been somewhat cold lately which is a bit off-putting for doing any work in the hangar. I guess it's a time of hibernation for lots of creatures and the older you get the more inclined you are to follow suit. I cam across an article the other day referring to an elderly man of 72 -I'm two years older than that and don't feel elderly at all.  I wonder what criteria these people use to deem a person "elderly": it can't surely just be age, can it?

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