Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I have wings!

Managed my first flight in 3 years this morning -in a Dynamic.  Just as well I had the CFI with me as it's a lot more complicated than the Tecnam since it has a constant speed prop which needs to be handled. I always thought that the words meant that the engine did all the controlling of the prop pitch but, no, it's the pilot that has to deal with it.  Met up with a Nanchang pilot at lunch who explained it to me in terms of a car and having to change gear which made things plainer -apart from the fat that there are infinite combinations of engine and pitch! But at least I get the idea now.  It's a slippery little beasty with almost too much power for its own good.  Rather glad that I didn't have to start off with from the very beginning!
So today was an introductory flight with the CFI congratulating me on my performance after a 3 year gap. I didn't have enough time to watch his face or body language as I was dong the circuits, which was probably just as well. So next week we'll hopefully start in earnest so that I can get my Microlight Licence back -and then start to think about tail-dragging....

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