Saturday, October 26, 2013

We have ignition!

Or to put it another way: we now have some means of heating the lounge again.
The blue tarp in the background is to try to separate the kitchen from the lounge -not that it stops either of the cats or Deli from wandering through! So the next step is to get that filled in with a woodbox at the bottom and cupboards facing into the kitchen above it.  And the work starts Monday -yee ha!!
On the plane front Rex has had a large number of cables made fro the flying and landing wires as well as bracing.  So it will be a case of fitting them to make sure they are all the right dimensions and then, once the paint shop has finished being used, we can get onto covering the wings -at long last. (Needless to say I have done absolutely NOTHING about the paperwork yet!)

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