Thursday, October 10, 2013


I see that it is some time since I last updated this blog; it has been a waiting game - waiting for EQC to come along and assess the damage; waiting for tradesmen to come along and give their estimates; and waiting for the nerves to settle down.  I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but the aftershocks SEEM to have decreased in frequency and intensity -long may the trend continue, say I!

Today we have our builder friend around making a start on reconstruction of the lounge/kitchen chimney that had to be taken down, brick by brick. So a start has been made! But it is going to take some time as the pantry area which absorbed the shock of the chimney falling on it, also came off its piles, so that will be a major rebuild.  Installation of the replacement fire shouldn't be too much of a problem (fingers crossed!). But we still have to tackle the roofing which appears to have developed some leaks since the last lot of rain and cold (just to add to our woes).

Another consequence has been the death of our vizsla, Jura, who was staying in kennels down at Amberley (not far from Christchurch).  Within the space of less than an hour he went from a perfectly normal dog to a paraplegic -and no-one knows why.  We left him with the vets to see if a miracle would occur which of course it didn't, so we went down there to be with him when he was put down.  The vet was very good as he gave Jura a relaxant before the lethal dose and, as was Jura's habit, when he slept, he snored -and that's the way he went off, snoring his head off!  Michele has been devastated by all these events all adding to the passing away of her mother not that long ago.  Del (the greyhound) has been somewhat 'clingy' since returning home so presumably he misses his friend and this is his way of expressing it.

Meanwhile Rex continues with the plane and we are hoping that, in the not too distant future, we can make a start on covering -and painting- the wings.  At some stage I'm going to have to tackle the paperwork (which I'm rather dreading)  but, first things first, we must get the house back to a better condition than it currently is.

Pictures of earthquake effects aren't a pretty sight so that's the reason for no pictures this time round.  Hopefully it won't be too long before we get back to a 'normal' routine.  Thanks for keeping on looking!

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