Saturday, September 7, 2013

Did I speak too soon?

After the shake in July, we thought that was the worst.  Unfortunately Ma Nature had different ideas and waited until I was out of the country, with Michele at home with the animals; a massive 6.6 quake on 16 August brought the chimney down and wrecked the hot water cylinder. Michele managed to stay with friends in Ward for a few days while I organised a rapid return to 'home'.  And the aftershocks continue;  the worst thing continues to be the fact that you don't know if there is another one waiting in the wings to catch up on us.

The house is now in a liveable state although we are having to wait for a fire to be replaced in the lounge.  Fortunately the one in the kitchen was up and running fairly quickly.  Meantime the animals have been packed off to kennels while the restoration work proceeds.

Almost every house in Seddon was damaged in some way with at least 8 having to be demolished as being irreparable and uninhabitable.  So the call on local tradesmen is high.

Fortunately the Nieuport survived the quake and Rex is boxing on with the interplane struts and other items.  Hopefully once the house is fixed it will be time to cover the wings; when that will be is still in the lap of the gods, of course.

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