Thursday, November 29, 2012

What a difference a coat of paint makes....

or in this case a couple or more.  
Now that Rex has finished the wings it is time to put the cabane struts back in place so that we can do some fitting and measuring.  The struts have been left off so that there is room to fiddle around inside the cockpit. Now, there is a stretch bar between the two forward cabane struts which fitted very nicely in its unpainted state. After the paint job of both the bar and the struts, it no longer fits -it's too long!!  So now I have to remove the paint work back to a point where it will once again fit -after giving the exposed bright metal a coat of primer (if nothing else).
At first I'd wondered whether I was putting it back in the right place but fortunately my initial photos taken during its dismantling showed that, yes, it WAS the right place.  The other problem that cropped up was that, since the engine and instrument panel had now both been fitted and bolted in, there was no access to the bolt holes in the brackets holding the struts in place.  After consultation with Jay (our engineer) I removed part of the wooden frame which holds the top fairing over the tank in place so that I could get at them. That's been taking some time.
Meanwhile it's been a case of relearning stitching so that I could tackle the ailerons, which are now finally done (after several abortive attempts) and are ready for tape to be applied over the top of the ribs.  Naturally the weather will now play a part and delay that operation possibly further as the temperatures drop.  Nice timing, Mother Nature! 

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