Thursday, January 10, 2013

When it's OK to be biased....

Firstly, a Happy New Year to all my readers! (All 5 of you).
Now that the festive season is behind us, we can get on with the serious matter of ailerons.  Having covered them I then have to put the necessary tape around the edges to hold everything in place.  So off I go to Jay and ask for the appropriate 2" tape.  Everything goes fine until I get to the curved edges.  That's when things don't go according to plan! Why?  Well, I just cannot get the tape to lie down flat no matter how much I pull and iron the stuff.  To be frank, the end result was a mess.  So I go to our resident fabric expert (Marty) for an inspection.  One look and he says: "What you need is some biased tape."
Having acquired the stuff, I cut off the crinkled tape and apply the new biased tape.  Works like a dream! Just needed a slight pull on it and the edges close up just like a clam.  I must put that in the back of my mind (or preferably write it down somewhere) for when it comes time to do the wings.  I'm just waiting on Rex to get back from his holiday to put the top wings together so that we can do some trial fitting to determine what needs to be done to get them at the correct angle of incidence as well as work out dimensions for the "V" struts and cables.
Much as I'd like to think that all will be finished by Easter (our Airshow), it doesn't look likely.  However maybe we can get the wings covered and the struts in place so that it will look as though we haven't been kicking our heels for the last couple of years.......

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