Saturday, October 20, 2012

Things are stirring.......

Spring has finally sprung so work has recommenced.  Rex is just about finished with the lower mainplanes so it won't be too long before there'll be a need for some trial rigging to check out dimensions for interplane struts and cables.  Meantime I'm about to stitch the aileron ribs -but I'll need a refresher course on just which stitch it is we use!

I've also started on some padding around the top of the cowling over the instrument panel just in case we have to come to an abrupt halt sometime in the future (don't want to spoil any remaining good looks I may -or may not- have....).

So no pictures just yet -be patient.  Meantime I've got a convert to Warbird flying - I shouted Michele a trip in True Aviators Yak 52 in Adelaide recently.  No aerobatics this time but there's always a next time.....!

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