Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Watching paint (varnish) dry

As you can see from the title not too much to report, although I have to say that the wings have now taken on a warm look about them with 2 coats of varnish.  Rex has been devoting some time to his other loves while I got on with this not-so-much chore but time-consuming activity.  But it means we are one more step closer to completion.

John has meanwhile been niggling away at yet more things to do with the engine area including a new set of engine brackets to off-set the torque that was found on the Nieuport 11's flying chracteristics.

Meanwhile I tried out yet another taildragger (Graham's Champ) for taxiing -and found no problems whatsoever in using either rudder or heel brakes!  I have a suspicion that this was because the seat was much closer to the rudder pedals than the Citabria........  All this has brought to mind how we are to align the toe brake pedals on the N16!

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