Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The watching has ceased

Well, that's one more tick in the box on the road to completion.

Rex is now working on the ailerons and, having tossed a few ideas up in the air as to how to deal with the leading edges, has decided to use that good old standby- balsa wood. But they will be covered with fibreglass to give them added strength.

And talking of fibreglass, we'd decided that the wooden cowlings and panels needed a better finish than our first one and it was decided (by our experts) that rather than another coat of paint, use fibreglass sheeting which gives them a much more consistent and smooth finish. 

Now I'm looking to deal with the undercarriage bracing and then get onto (finally) the brakes.  As mentioned before, I think I need to hop into the cockpit again and work out just where those toe pedals need to be aligned with the rudders -I don't want inadvertent braking!

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