Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Frustrations and lessons!

I had hoped to get in a bit more flying this week but the Fates were agin me!  First day was spent cleaning the aircraft which just left a bit of time to taxi around  and flatten the grass.  The second day was spent filling up with petrol and then finding the battery flat!

But at least I've learnt a few things: keep it clean, keep it filled up and, more importantly, be aware of the torque available.  I found it much easier to taxi to the left using the rudder alone, whereas turning to the right required the use of the heel brake.  I'm glad (at this stage anyway) that we'll be having toe brakes as trying to get the feet at the correct angle to cope with rudder pedal and heel brake is proving somewhat of a challenge.  A fact re-inforced by another pilot's experience on the same Citabria the previous day.

So it's on with the varnishing while Rex is away on another of his varied interests.

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