Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wings and other things

Having got the Rugby World Cup out of our system, Rex is back on the job with the wings and is now in the process of fitting the aileron operating bars.  And as you can see from the picture we now have a nice little logo for his 'Stamp of Approval' when he thinks he's actually finished what he's doing.

On the engine front we have now obtained the services of yet another 'volunteer' to do the installation and fitting of all the components.  He was actually responsible for fitting our sister ship's engine and therefore knows all the pitfalls! Well, most of them anyway.....

So what have I been doing?  Apart from puzzling about how to attach the brake cables to the foot pedals (these are drum brakes, not discs) and wondering whether we should stick with the tail wheel or switch to a skid -and if we do, do we still allow it to be steerable (there are conflicting words of advice as to the merits of both methods when it comes to the possibility or propensity for ground-looping), I've been dreaming up some designs for a T-shirt for the syndicate members.  I've found a few sites which offer 'design your own' and have had samples from a couple of them.  Interesting how one can reproduce the picture in the exact colours and the other can't -despite their request to send the picture in CYMK as opposed to RGB colours. 

We are now getting into the realm of photography, Photoshop and CarelDraw (Yet another 'volunteer' for the latter!). I only have Photoshop Elements rather than the full blown version, but even so it is a powerful tool.  I've only scratched the surface as to its capabilities but it is quite fun -if somewhat time-consuming from another's perspective- to mess around with photos and pictures, melding them, amalgamating them and so forth and so fifth.  It's one area where I can let my creative side loose for a bit and where I'm not interrupted by my BFT (Benign Familial Tremour).  Family genes can be a right curse!

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