Saturday, April 2, 2011

Time for another post

Talk about "Time flies when you're having fun" - I guess I must have been, seeing as it's almost a month since the last post.  There's also another saying in the aircraft restoration world: "When you think you are 90% complete, there's still another 90% to go."  I think I've just reached that point! A pity I don't have any new photos for you because they would merely be more of what's already been posted. Hence the 90% comment.

However we do have an airshow coming up at Easter and we have been asked to have our plane put in 'Restoration Row', so the task at the moment is to prepare it to make it looks its best for that.  This will entail putting the petrol tank back in place, touching up the odd bit of paint and, perhaps, even putting the engine in place (even if all the necessaary ancillary parts aren't).  Maybe it might merit some more photos then.

We're organising for some cowlings to be made (in conjunction with Graham our mentor) but I doubt they will be ready in time.  Which means we have to look towards the next milestone of entertaining the Russian Rugby Team in September.  It would be nice to think we would have it flying by then but, realistically, I doubt it.  We might have the fuselage completed and the wings in place (without covering) but we will just have to wawit and see. Maybe I'm being too pessimistic.  Only time will tell! 

Meantime it's been harvest time for our peaches and pears, while we wait  for the apples to demonstrate Newton's Law about gravity -it's a serious business, you know.......

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