Sunday, April 10, 2011

Anyone for Comments?

All this time and no-one has posted a comment.  I was getting worried that I might have not set up my settings correctly and so inveigled my daughter to check it out. Well, it seems you CAN post comments -but the method is apparently not that obvious or easy.  So all of you out there who've been reading my rambles (and I know you're out there 'cos there's a nice little statistics program that tells me so), if you've wanted to make a comment, persevere!  Otherwise I must be keeping you all happy and haven't said anything contentious or factually incorrect (that's worth correcting,anyway).  So I'm feeling a lot happier now.

The next post I've decided will reveal our current intentions for the Nieuport's first colour scheme. Watch this space! (Or maybe that should read: "Watch the next space!" seeing as the current space will already be occupied.......Oh, Driver, don't be so pedantic!!)

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