Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Passing a Milestone

..or perhaps that should read 'Reaching a Milestone' -we had the first inspection of the fuselage to determine what still needed to be done and what I'd messed up with.  Fortunately it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.  Whether that was down to Good Management or Good Luck, I'll leave you to decide. The seat  harness has finally arrived so that once that is in place we can start thinking about fabric covering.  Another new job to get my head around!

Meanwhile Rex is making good progress on the upper wings and has now retrieved the lower wing ribs so he is obviously getting ready to start on them.  We do however need to cut out the spaces for the spar so he's working on trying to find a local who can do that with precision (don't really want the ribs to all over the place, do we?).

As for the ROTEC engine, our friends next door on the N11, have started assembling theirs and found that there are some bits'n'pieces that need to be fabricated so they are going to do two sets, one for us.  How's that for co-operation?

I also managed to source a location for the lace lugs which hold the top panel in place.  The minimum order is for far more than we'll need but fortunately there are other projects on the airfield that will need them so that will help defray costs.  A bit.

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