Thursday, March 3, 2011

Living the Dream...

..however, unlike the conventional dreams (if you can use the word in that context) which have lots of things happening in a very short time, my dream is the exact opposite -not much happening and taking its time about it.  BUT, never in my wildest (day) dreams did I ever think I'd be involved in building an aircraft.  Flying one, yes; building one, no.  Just goes to show that a) you never know what's around the corner; and b) some dreams need a bit of time to reach reality.  So, keep them alive, you can never tell.

We're actually getting closer with the fuselage than I've let on: next week we'll be getting it inspected to see what still needs to be done or rectified.  Once that's done we can start thinking about fabric covering and fitting the engine and all its bits.  After/during which we'll be working out what oil lines and other pieces of accroutrements need to be manufactured/acquired and fitted.  We won't make it for our local Air Show, of course, but it could be on display in 'Restoration Row' in the expectation that it will be completed (if not actually flying -although we do hope it will be) in time for our Russian visitors in September.  Watch this space!

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