Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Fellow Fanatic

Had a nice surprise yesterday when a fellow fanatic visited our Aviation Heritage Centre: I'd read about her on Rotec's website as she is building a Nieuport 17 and aims to put it in a New Zealander's colour scheme (one "Grid" Caldwell of 60 Squadron).  I was able to show her the progress being made on both our machine and Graham's, slow as it is- and is to be expected ("Make haste slowly" is always good advice).  Seems Candice has reached the same stage as ourselves with the fuselage and empennage completed and just the wings to go.  She stated that she felt she was in a bit of a trough and was heartened to see what we are doing which has prompted a regeneration of energy to get going again once she gets back home.  It was really good to hear another perspective on what we are doing and to share thoughts on the sort of problems we've all been having.

Nice to know that we are not alone in our passions......

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