Saturday, August 21, 2010

Clear the Decks for Action!!

Having cluttered up Rex'a lovely table for the past few months with bits of spars, ribs, packets of nuts'n'bolts (appropriately marked whence they came), tins of paint, paint brushes and the odd tool or three, while we waited for the appropriate sheet of metal to be delivered from which to make the compresion ribs, the day has now arrived when Rex can get to work on doing what he has been champing at the bit to do for so long -get on with the job of building those ribs and getting the wings into shape. (Sorry about the long sentence but I think that is what Rex has been feeling for the past few months.) Must really find time to take some photos of the fittings he'd had made - they really are quite pretty.

Our friends at Rotec who supplied the engine have graciously allowed our project to head their list of projects on their own website. (The only reason we're heading it is because we're the latest and least completed -but, what the heck - we have a moment of fame.)

I know these blogs are somewhat irregular but they'll be even more irregular come next month as I head off to the Northern hemisphere to attend my youngest's wedding in Sussex. Not by the Sea but underneath a tree.  There must be something in the blood as a grandfatehr of mine was a carpenter by trade, I've dabbled a bit on carving and said son is carrying on the tradition.  My current wood project is to build a replica Lewis Gun for our mentor's N11. If I ask nicely he might arrange for the Moreau mounting to be made for ours as well as his......

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