Friday, September 17, 2010

Excuse the Hiatus

I had to drop all work on the Nieuport to attend my son's wedding in the UK to a local lass.  However I was able to take in time to have a look round the Shuttleworth collection - what a marvellous collection of fascinating aircraft they now have.  Just a shame that I missed out on their airshow as it clashed with the Duxford one.  The highlight there was seeing 16 Spitfires taking to the air at the same time, including 4 two-seaters and one clipped wing.  Marvellous sight!

But it's good to be home albeit with a croaky throat and incipient cold waiting in the wings to catch me off-guard. Meantime the lawns have decided to have a field day and are now challenging me to come out with the mower to see how quickly they can clog up the works.

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