Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well, I thought we had made some but, no, our technical advisor tells us differently.  It seems the original constructor's idea of attaching the engine mount to the frame by bolts a threaded into part of the frame is not up to scratch: we have to have a bolt going all the way through with a castellated nut on t'other end.  Which is no problem for the lower region but the top ones foul the forward cabane struts. Bugger!  Not only that but if we were to put the nut behind the frame (as would be the obvious way) those struts would not be able to go through the very nice sleeve that holds them in place. So the bolt is going to have to enter from the rear which means more surgery is required in a very awkward place.  So we are going to call in the experts!
And in rigging up the rudder cables the rear pulleys are canted at a very odd angle so, like a bad leg fracture, we are going to have to break it and reposition it in such a way that there is a nice even flow through for the cables. More expertise required!
I know Life was never meant to be easy but, hey, the occasional nice break wouldn't go amiss!

On the Home Front, the Other Half managed to get a dose of this infamous Swine Flu, the swine (the bug that is, not her)! It didn't help that it took two weeks before the right medicine was prescribed and within a couple of days she was coming right.  Why won't doctors LISTEN???  (Touch wood, I've managed to escape the bug which I hope will continue as, a) I have a pregnant daughter to visit on my way to, b) my youngest son's forthcoming wedding in deepest Sussex next month.)

In the UK I hope to visit the Imperial War Museum to try to track down the names of places and people we have photographs of in the AHC and also the National Archives to track down service history of both my grandfathers plus another fellow's photo in the AHC.  We have his NZ Army history and his RFC medical records (such as they are) but no actual history of which squadron and what type of aircraft he might have flown. That'll take my mind of Nieuports for a bit.

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