Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who said you can't teach old dogs new tricks?

As a break from fuselage preparation and waiting for the essential metal top coat paint to arrive I decided to try my hand at the aeroclub's Spot Landing competition, thinking that, what the hell, it's a lovely day and I can get a couple of circuits in place without bothering whether I'll get anywhere.  The idea behind the competation is to see if you can land on a predefined area, losing points for landing earlier or later and also making sure all 3 wheels are on the deeck in that same marked area. And also losing marks if you land through a fence or bounce several times (if I landed through the fence I'd be more worried about what the CFI would be telling me!).  Well, I have since discovered that I actually won it!  When I say "it" that was for my section only (microlight) and there were admittedly only 3 pilots competing in that section.  HOWEVER the 2nd place getter, who started about the same time as me, has about 400 hours under his belt compared with my meagre 50. So I'm pretty chuffed about that. Obviously. And if anyone suggests that it was a fluke I won't object at all - I still won it.
With a a bit of luck the paint will be ready this Sunday and the weather will remain kind for us to continue.  As does this serial.  Watch out for the next thrilling episode in this enthralling story (I think I might call it: "Watching Paint Dry by Numbers").

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