Thursday, April 29, 2010

And the beat goes on.......

Which is just another way of saying that we have progress!  You can see that the rear fuselage is now a nice spruce colour (courtesy of Dave) and we have temporarily put on place the forward panels -with the completed Lewis Gun sitting on the front.  Believe it or not but they did experiment with a Lewis gun in that position -and without any interrupter gear to control its firing through the propeller arc!  Bit scary that.  Seems that the RNAS tried it out and determined that after 3 drum loads not hitting the prop, the slightly extra risk of hitting it was worth the risk when compared with all the other risks these guys were taking.  Hmmmm!

We are now waiting for Brian to come up with the correct topcoat colour for the external metalwork after which I can start to reassemble the jigsaw.  Hoping that all the photos I took as I was disassembling it will be sufficient to put it back together again correctly.  No Humpty Dumpty here! (That's the egg I'm talking about, folks....)

In the background you can see a Nieuport 11 suffering from an identity crisis - it can't make up its mind whether its French or Russian (check out the roundels on the top and bottom wings).  There'll be no such problem for ours!

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