Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yet more progress

Well, here it is, the finished object. But I do have to say that there was a steep learning curve which I can put to use if ever anyone should ask me to make one for them. And, no doubt, when I meet up with Dave again he will have some tips to make it look even better (he's pretty hot on such things).  The orange coloured bits belong to a clamp which is holding the gun upright; definitely not part of the gun!  Just in case anyone was wondering.......

While on the subject of guns, the gas guns have finally stopped as the grape harvest gets under way.  All we have to contend with now are the large truck and trailers hairing around at night delivering the grapes to the wineries.  And whilst we might complain about the noise and disturbed sleep, this is still a great little place to live in.  We're not surrounded by other houses and we have a pleasant outlook -as well as all the fruit we enjoy. And we are enjoying an Indian Summer right now with cool nights, warm days and little wind.  I must go for a fly sometime soon before the rain sets in (Rain? What rain? Here at the Top of the South we get beggar all!).

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