Sunday, April 18, 2010

Progress? YES!!

A typical Marlborough Autumn day allowed us to continue with the fuselage topcoat in a great spruce finish, courtesy as ever of Dave.  (I say 'we' but it was really Dave doing all the work with me pretending to supervise.)  Originally we were only going to bother with the cockpit area but seeing as we had plenty of paint we decided to go the whole hog - even if not much of it will actually be seen. In the normal course of events.

The next bit of painting will be the metalwork in a 'dark horizon blue' which is where we need to start putting the jigsaw back together again..... And these are just the bigger parts!  There are quite a few smaller bits plus, of course, the brackets and flanges on the fuselage itself.  It will look quite something and almost a shame to cover it with fabric.  But then this is what it's all about - a flying machine, not a decorative piece of art.  Even if it will look the part.

And the Lewis Gun is starting to look the part, too, even if I say it myself.  But don't look too closely!  If I get to build another one I will hopefully not make the same mistakes again.  I just need to bolt down the ammunition drum onto the gun itself -can't have it suddenly whisking off in a 70 mph wind!

On that bright note I'll leave you until the next time.

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