Friday, April 9, 2010


Well, on the aircraft front, not a lot!  Easter sort of got in the way and the weather hasn't been too kindly lately.  However this weekend's forecast suggests that it'll be warm with little wind and the major player, Dave, will be on hand to continue with his painting efforts.  Hopefully Brian will have also come up with the additional top coat colours for the fuselage and the exterior metal framework, eg, undercarriage, cabane struts, etc.

On the Lewis gun front, there has been some progress as you can see:
Most of it is assembled and has its primer on, while the ammo drum just needs a tad more touch-up.  There is, however, a big BUT (that's the one spelt with just a single "T"...):  construction has not been as easy as I'd first thought.  (Which happens to be a phrase that I had always used to my work colleagues when someone came up with what was thought to be a 'bright' idea.) Construction of the receiver halves wasn't too bad, following the suggestions in the instructions, but the attachment of the top piece at the back was a problem -glue just wouldn't keep it in place so there are now some 4 screws where there really shouldn't be.  The same will apply to the ammo drum attachment.  Let's face it, the last thing you want happening when you're flying along at 60-70 mph is to have bits and pieces suddenly detaching themselves and raining down on you! Also being positioned on the top wing there won't be too many people able to get up really close to it to discover its blemishes.

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