Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another sort of gun

Right, let's back to the Nieuport.  Windy weather has meant that we have had to curtail any more spraying for the time being.  Dave managed to get more paint on Brian than on the airframe the other day; it apparently didn't occur to Brian to move upwind of him to avoid it.....  (Where was I?  I was helping out on a working bee to help tidy up the area around the AHC.)

Back to guns, though. As a fighter the Nieuport needed armament, of course, which was a Lewis Gun mounted on the top wing.  The real thing would be a) very hard to find, and b) far to heavy for our purposes.  So I am making a replica using some ABS plastic castings from the US together with a great deal of wood, filler and paint.  The photos gives some idea of what the innards look like and what it might look like from the outside, bearing in mind that a lot of the pieces holding all together are NOT in exactly the right place - yet.  Obviously the filler and paint are yet to come!

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