Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another artist

It's not only Dave who is handy at painting, Brian is a dab hand with the brush as well.

Some might be wondering about the colour blue that is being used.  According to the experts,  Alan Toelle in particular, this shade of blue was used by Nieuport for all their metalwork. Brian, who mixed the paint, couldn't exactly match the RGB values (although he did succeed on two), so the end result might not be precisely what it should be but it is as good as can be. 

The masking tape has now been removed so now comes the interesting job of reassembling the jigsaw that we started with! There are some areas that are going to look really good when I show you a before and after series of photos.  You will just have to be a bit patient, though.  Wet weather is due to arrive at the weekend so there may not be any painting of the undercarriage and other pieces for a bit.  I will keep you informed!

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