Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Rain in Seddon......

Usually stays far to the West of us in the Nelson Ranges.  When it does deign to head eastwards the Wairau Valley (where Blenheim is situated) gets it, but the Awatere Valley (wherein Seddon lies) gets d..n all.  Today however the rains came down (wasn't/isn't that a title of a song?) - YEAH!!!

The garden is pretty dry - not to mention hard as Hades so it needed a good softening up prior to being able to prepare the vege patch for its hibernation and before the frosts arrive.  As for the lawns - what lawns? No grass at all and we are having to feed out lucerne and sheep nuts to the sheep. No, "sheep nuts" do not mean what some might think they mean - they are a special sort of feed for them.

It has also meant no more paint on the plane today so a bit more of the bracing wires have been replaced. Tomorrow I need to get some proper aircraft hardware (nuts and bolts), courtesy of Jay McIntyre of JEM Aviation next to Graham's hangar, to start reassembling the jigsaw. We're getting there.......

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