Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Painting with toothpaste

The fuselage is slowly getting done, starting at the rear where -with a bit of luck- my mistakes in priming will be hidden. The stuff I was given to use requires the mixing of a couple of pottles plus some water. Well, I followed the instructions (I thought) but, not having worked with it before, I wasn't completely au fait with how the stuff should have flowed off the brush. It did seem rather sticky at the time and didn't run too smoothly so, having finshed a few frames I popped into the Brian's work place to discuss the problem (the reason being that he supplied it in the first place). The only metaphor I could think of for it at the time was 'looking like streaky bacon'; however after he had visited it himself he described it as 'painting with toothpaste' (which will give you a much better idea of its consistency and appearance....). So that is what it will be called from now on. Needless to say there will be a much finer top coat (preferably brown) applied to cover up the mistakes and I can always call the finished result as suggesting the grain in the 'wood'.

But there are some really tricky places to get into amongst all the brackets and tubing, especially under the seat area. In fact trying to get into those hard-to-get-at places I had to turn the fuselage over -which was just as well as it revealed a small hole in one of the frames which will need a small piece of welding to fix it. And then there are all the other pieces I've had to remove that will need to go through this process - methinks I'm going to be occupied for some time!

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