Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Friends in high places

What a great little community we have here! Apart from our mentor giving us space in his hangar to store all the bits'n'pieces of the aircraft -as well as our purpose-made table for the wing assembly, we have an engineer in the next hangar freely supplying advice as well as materials (these may not be quite so free!) in the removal of the surface rust on the fuselage. And yesterday, just 10 minutes before the AHC was due to open, I find a whole bank of lights are out - 'yikes!' (to coin a word) but a quick phone call to our local sparky and all is fixed before the first visitor goes through the door -at 1000 on the dot. (This is where the "high places' comes in.) For those of you who haven't visited us or seen photos, lighting is an essential part of the experience, so we would have been in deep doodoos if we hadn't got that fixed in time.

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