Saturday, February 20, 2010

Other Matters

If you're only into the avian side of things you can skip this. Not compulsory, of course, you can stay switched in.

It seems I'm to become a grandfather later this year; I can't say that I am mentally prepared for this transformation from parent to grandparent. Firstly the 'grand' bit is definitely not me and, secondly, who wants such a person who is just starting into his flying - I was going to say 'career', but it's a bit late for that so maybe I need to settle on 'hobby'? An all consuming hobby at that! If it's not messing around with fuselages, wings and engines, it's finding titbits of information to add to our collective guides' knowledge of the WW1 aircraft and men depicted in the Aviation Heritage Centre.

What I will need to be careful of is not inundating the newborn with toy aeroplanes, books on aeroplanes, models of aeroplanes and baby flying suits. S/he might have different ideas in life than to follow in this particular grandparent's size 9 shoes/jandals/boots.

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