Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Plans? Who needs plans?

An interesting disovery about the wings: we have plans drawn up by the Germans of a captured N17 plus plans of a scaled N27, neither of which match our wings!! Believe it or not but this does constitute a bit of a problem since we don't know where certain vital pieces of internal stressing need to go. However, having gone through some of the correspondence which came with the goods, I happened to come across some drawings which now explain all. Well, I think so; I have still to discuss them with the others to see if I'm right. If so, we can start to look at what fittings will be required where and therefore dimensions, etc. Plus the engine supplier is in contact so that other piece of the jigsaw can get underway. And the welding on the fuselage is now complete so we can start to get rid of the surface rust and prime it. The weeks are going to start to get busy!

Flying has come to a temporary halt as I await the return of my doctor to give me my medical clearance for the next 2 years. So it's time to do a bit more swotting for another exam. Just one more after that and I can rise to the dizzy heights of "Intermediate" and therefore be allowed a bit more licence about where I can stray to.

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