Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Advice from the Experts

Had a good meeting the other day with a couple of guys, who have built their own aircraft, on what the next steps should be as far as the wing construction goes. So today Rex and I made a start on assembling one wing with its two spars and ten ribs. Just as well as we found that I had located one particular rib in the wrong place! Also found that the rear spar was (more than) a bit of a squeeze so Rex's experience with files and wood came in handy to make it that much easier to get the ribs back on again. All good experience!

The next step will be to work out what fittings need to go where, and who is game enough to manufacture them. It's all rather exciting! In fact there was an odd occurence last Sunday: I had taken home some original photographs to scan them and had put them in my folder to bring them back. Once in the hangar I couldn't find them. Even cursing didn't bring them to light. However, shortly afterwards a gentleman came wandering over clutching the aforesaid photos enquiring if we were missing them. It transpired that he was an acquaintance of Graham's who had been doing circuits in his own home-built Jodel the other day. After viewing the fuselage and what we were up to, he promptly volunteered his (unskilled) services to the project. In fact I think the other two guys might have offered to join as well had they not already been committed to building their own aircraft. So it would appear the project is gaining some momentum!

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