Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Glass Slipper?

Having had the requested welding done it was time to check whether any more was required. To do this required re-assembly of all the bits I'd taken off plus fitting the tail empenage and installing the cables to check whether the runs were straight or not. After the initial installation it turned out to be much more helpful if I got the elevator cables connected to the correct horns! We then fitted the aft and forward coamings to check for the height of the shoulder harness and also to see where the instruments would go in relation to our faces - a bit close. Plus I took photos of all those items I SHOULD have taken photos beforehand. So there is a bit more welding to be done before we get down to the removal of the surface rust and priming. That will be one job out of the way. The main job of the wings awaits us in the wings as it were.....

Syndicate member Brian Greenall checking out the fitting supervised by our mentor Graham Orphan.

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