Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's all about Learning

Having had some welding done on the fuselage, it was now a question of: is there any more to be done? And the only way to do that was to re-assemble the control cables to make sure. Now I had taken some photos before the disassembly first took place but in the process of re-assembly found that I hadn't taken photos of certain items that I should have! Typical. However with the grey cells in overdrive I did manage to put it back together again (unlike Humpty Dumpty - although I did feel a bit like him when it came to a trial fitting in the cockpit for location of the shoulder straps......). I also put in place the tail empenage since it hadn't been tried since its arrival. Even without all the decking in plcae it started to look like an aeroplane. It also meant that I could properly work out the cable runs to the rudder and elevators.

So, yes, there is a bit more welding to be done -but there will be more photos taken BEFORE it's all taken apart again. Definitely a good learning exercise!

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