Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why Omaka?

Omaka is the site of the first Aero Club in New Zealand (1928) and one of the last, if not, THE last airfield in New Zealand to have six vectors, meaning it doesn't matter which way the wind is blowing you'll always be able to take off or land into it. It's also the site of the biennial Classic Fighters Airshow featuring aircraft from both World Wars, plus some 30's and 50's+ aircraft. So what better place than to tap into the local aviation communinity for advice?

The aim is to have the Nieuport up and running by Easter 2011 (the next Airshow) -whether we achieve that is another matter,of course!

Meantime, if you haven't already visited the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre (either physically or on the web ), here's a taste of what's in there:

The de Havilland DH2 is being attacked by the infamous Fokker Eindecker over No Man's Land -but never fear! The DH2 was the better aircraft due to its having ailerons as opposed to the older 'wing warping' technique employed by Fokker. So it could quickly outmanoeuvre the Fokker.

And what have we here? An Etrich Taube being harassed by, or harassing, a R.A.F. BE2c using rifle and pistol:

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