Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More hands to the deck!

Just when I was getting more than a little frustrated with the 'toothpaste' paint, along comes a colleague with an offer to spraypaint the metalwork for us. Boy, was that offer taken up with great rapidity!! And thinking of my previous efforts with the paint brush I wonder if there's any possible sponsorship from Colgate or Macleans? Mind you, with the colour scheme we have in mind, any lettering would have to be pretty small, so I think I'll put this down to a bit of daydreaming. Which everyone is entitled to indulge in occasionally, aren't they?

You might also be wondering why there haven't been any reecent pictures. You are not alone! Several have been taken but so far none have appeared in my inbox that I can down/upload. Words -not hints- have been said! Will see what sort of effect they have, else I'll have to escalate the words. Which means either I type them in capitals, shout them or revert to stronger language.....

Yet another glorious day in Marlborough with a Canadian film crew on hand to get a taste of the Centre and the attractions that Marlborouhg has to offer. Old aircraft, wine, old aircraft, mussels, old aircraft, vineyards - you get the picture. So to all my Canadian friends -watch out for travelogues about Marlborough, New Zealand!

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