Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally Some Pictures

Well, it seems that the "words' have had an effect.  As you can see we still continue to enjoy the fabulous Marlborough weather.  Our latest volunteer is Dave Lochead who also enveigled his father Jim to also come along and give a hand.  Unfortunately Jim managed to escape being captured - I was going to say 'on film' but with technology these days it was actually digital. "Captured on digital" just doesn't have the same 'ring' about it, does it?

So this is me directing the expert on where to spray next. (Poser!)

Dave and Graham standing clear as I graple with the intricacies of opening a paint pottle without spilling it all over the place.  In the background is Graham's Fleet Finch parked next to the AHC entrance.

And this is just to show that I was actually doing some work whilst Dave and Graham discussed weightier matters.

Things are really starting to look good on the fuselage front!

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