Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bath time, armed (and dangerous?)

After some considerable time, the ladies I felt needed a bath -and what better time to do it than in this Indian Summer that we seem to be enjoying here in Marlborough! So out of the hangar they came (accompanied by the rest of the aircraft resplendent in her new official rego letters) for a bath in cold water. I didn't have time to find a goat to milk nor a heater, so cold it was.

Having done that it was time to mount the Lewis gun which proved once again a saying I had from my work time: "Nothing is ever as easy as you first thin."  I thought I had lined up all the holes correctly and that all the bolts would just slip in like -well, use your imagination, I'm sure you can come up with something appropriate. So, some couple of hours later with both audible and inaudible imprecations, it has all come together.  But I suspect it will have to be revisited (in fact, I'm sure of it!) in order to get it properly aligned. Well after the time I'd allotted for the exercise I left her to regain the shelter of the hangar and the tender mercies of Jay and whoever he can inveigle into getting her airworthy.
Here's to the next episode. 

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