Monday, August 11, 2014

Hibernation is over!

Winter has finally started to make way for Spring -although it continues to fight a rear-guard action. But at least we are now able to get back into the hangar and not risk frostbite to our extremities (and other places). Last Sunday we (but mainly Brian) had our first attempt at applying bungee cord to one axle end.  We were going to treat it as just an exercise but it seems to have gone quite well so, subject to our engineer's approval, it will stay in place.  One more step forwards.
Actually Winter has been a bit weird this year as our almond tree flowered about 4-6 weeks earlier than normal -but that didn't help the hangar temperatures..... 
As for the wings and their painting, we are waiting for Winter to finally go away and allow the temperatures to rise so that another of our volunteers can make a start on them.
We have given notice that we'd like our engine back sometime in September so that will be yet another task to be done. It has had a few aerial trips already in its sister ship so that we know it's working OK and hasn't given any problems -always nice to know since it is some years since we first bought it! Things are starting to get exciting again!
And just a note about the aftermath of last year's earthquakes: the last of the major internal work has been finished - whoopee! Just need to do some reroofing and then we can start to think about putting it on the market again. (No doubt it will look so nice that we may be tempted to stay. Well I will anyway!)  

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