Saturday, June 21, 2014

Time flies when you're having fun....

I see it's some time since my last post, so we must have been having fun!  And so it has been: we have now completed all the wings plus taped wherever it's needed (and a bit where it isn't!) which just leaves them to be painted.

I'd have liked to be able to show a photo of all four wings together but when you are sharing a hangar with a rather large Focke Wulf 190 , a younger Yak 3 plus bits of Fokker E.V there isn't much room for such a display.  We have to fit our bits in where we can!

Painting won't occur now until the temperature warms up and the humidity goes down, so that will be in abeyance until springtime. Meanwhile there are still jobs to be down in the fuselage: lockwiring of turnbuckles, testing that the brakes actually work(!), quite a few split pins to be inserted here there and everywhere, and the bungie cords to be attached to the undercarriage.

And then we need to get our engine back and re-installed for some test runs to make sure all is 'tickety-boo'.

At some stage the paper work will have to be tackled but I might leave that for just a little while yet.....

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