Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Feet!

In preparation for the time when all the woodwork, metalwork, fabricwork and, most importantly, the paperwork are completed, I had my first training flight in a taildragger this week.  I'd been warned about the need for dancing feet on the rudder pedals and brakes beforehand, but of course it's only when you have to do it yourelf that it really hits home. I went up in a Citabria which has roughly the same horsepower as the N16's Rotec, no flaps and a trim wheel, in a very awkward place, which meant that it was an ideal machine to learn the new trade.  It'd been over a year since I last flew and it was interesting to note just how much of the Tecnam training was still inhabiting the brain -particularly the bit about holding the stick back for take-off!  So now I have to unlearn that bit to get the nose down first before letting it take itself off.  Just goes to show you're never too old to learn (tho' it might take a tad longer than in earlier years....).

So I have great respect for that penguin and his Dancing Feet!

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