Saturday, October 1, 2011

What are they up to now?

The answer to that is:  not very much.  And to answer the next question of 'why':  because a) Rex is taking a break to go gallivanting across Australia in a train and b) we thought we'd have the aircraft on display for the Rugby World Cup visitors. We are expecting 600 Frenchmen next Thursday -but the bad news is that rain is forecast so it looks like there'll be no ogling of our beauties that day. So, once that is all over and done with, we'll get back to dealing with the fuselage (I'm getting reasonably good at assembling and disassembling the front fuselage panelling!) and finishing off items like brakes and getting the engine and all its ancillaries fully installed by JEM Aviation.

We've also taken advice to remove the tail wheel and replace it with a skid -it apparently reduces the chances of a ground loop tremendously -so who are we to argue with an expert?  Bear with us.....

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