Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I've said it before and have no apology for saying it again: we are a lucky community here at Omaka to have people willing to give of their time and expertise in helping our project along.

The latest example was when our aircraft engineer and inspector rolled up his sleeves (I talk figuratively because it was actually snowing outside!) to help fabric the fuselage.  I was merely expecting him to do one side but, no, he did both sides plus the top, leaving me to just tidy up the edges and sort out how we are going to deal with the various cable outlets.

Great progress! So we might just have it sort of ready for any TV crews coming down here at the end of the month for coverage of the Rugby World Cup Russian team's 'capping' at the AHC early nect month.

A separate project is the construction of a Morane G to the original specs to demonstrate the Russian Kozakov's grappling hook idea.  This will eventually be turned into a flying replica but for the moment it will hang in the atrium of the centre.

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