Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yet another Milestone!

They seem to be coming thick and fast at the moment ('fast' being a relative term, of course!):  I performed my first bit of stitching last week on the rudder.  But I am SO glad that I had yet another mentor (John Evans) available to show me how to do it - I doubt very much if I could have done it straight from the book.

We've also patched a few areas on the tailplane and elevators around the hinge areas prior to their being stitched up.  Then we face the prospect of applying the final tapes around the edges;  the experts make it look so easy.  But then they talk about applying feet to appropriate lugs to get purchase so as to get the tapes to go round the curved edges at the same time curling over to be more or less flat on the upper and lower surfaces.  Hmm, not too sure I'm looking forward to that but needs must.

We are of course now up against the clock as the Russian Rugby team's arrival gets that much closer.  So the thinking now is that we'll concentrate on getting at least one side of the fuselage covered and painted (ditto the rudder) so as to apply one of our 'lovely ladies' to it, to give at least some semblance of what the final aircraft will look like.

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