Saturday, May 14, 2011

Further Progress

Yes, believe it or not, but further progress is being made: I've now finished lock-wiring all the fuselage bracings and am just waiting on a couple of fairleads to a) arrive and b) get installed before we start to think about covering.  I can see another huge learning curve ahead for me!

And Rex is steadily making progress on the wings with the top ones more or less complete (apart from the ailerons) and he's now working on creating the spars for the lower wings.

Brian isn't lagging behind though -he's trying to figure out where to locate all the engine instruments where they can be seen but not interfere with getting short, fatty and long, lanky guys in and out.  Not a mean feat!

Our mentor has also decided to join us in a Russian colour scheme, the idea being that when the Russian Rugby team arrive here for training in September they will be confronted with, not one, but two WW1 and two WW2 aircraft on display.  The question now is who is going to have the mermaid and who the Sleeping Venus!  Unless we can persuade our artist friend to come up with the Diana, Goddess of Hunting.......

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