Thursday, May 5, 2011

Classic Fighters 2011 done'n'dusted -wait for 2013!

Another Airshow done and dusted with Ma Nature putting a slight dampener on proceedings, not to mention the absence of iconic aircraft we were hoping to see (Mosquito, Anson, FW190).  But the finale of the blowing up of a V2 rocket more than made up for it. So, as the team take a well-earned breather, some of us are already thinking about the theme for 2013.  I think you can already detect where my thoughts lie! 

We had the N16 on display in Restoration Row with the actual paintings in the background and anecdotal reports suggest that it attracted a lot of interest.  Unfortunately I was tied up elsewhere so was unable to get any photos of the crowds around it but did manage to get in one of an "early bird". Our artist made up a placard for us relating the origins of the aircraft and the artwork. (Maybe we need to think of T-shirts.....!)

Having spent last week disassembling the aircraft (again!), I've now managed to make a start on lock-wiring the bracing after a short lesson from one of our local aircraft engineers.  Once that's done (and a bit more welding) I can then take another lesson in covering the fuselage and tail feathers, before we get round to putting our lovely ladies on it. 

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