Sunday, June 6, 2010


After the last post's mention of the glorious Marlborough weather I have to report that we've had huge rainfalls in the last few days, such that State Highway 1 between Blenheim and Seddon was blocked due to a high bank slipping down over the road.  Back in the 1930's there was an air service between Seddon and Blenheim - we could have done with it over the last few days.  Although, having said that the cloud level was so low that the aircraft wouldn't have been able to take off, let alone land.  So the motorists had to delve into their stores of tolerance -for those that still had any!

Then there is that other tolerance of the mechanical nature where I, together with Brian, have discovered that a layer of paint can be enough to obliterate the minute tolerances that existed beforehand, in this case the undercarriage assembly.  Lesson learnt? Stuff every available orifice with paper, etc., and mark off those parts that do not need painting BEFORE you spray paint. So if there is another occasion when I get involved with refurbishing someone else's aircraft I'll know what to do.  Mind you the likelihood of that happening is pretty remote.  And if it does happen I'll probably have forgotten the lessons anyway......

But the undercarriage is starting to look  like something is happening - I just need to get the movable parts of the axle moving again!  That'll be a job for the next couple of days after my morning AHC stint.

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