Thursday, April 9, 2015

The ladies on public view

Well, we managed to get everything sort of attached and looking pretty good for the Classic Fighters Airshow here at Omaka.  The ladies went to support Paul Chernikeeff on his ROTEC stand and received a great deal of attention.  No surprises there! Chris Boyce produced a great explanation of history behind our Nieuport 16 and its colour scheme.


Where to from here, though? As it's nicely assembled we'd like to get it weighed to make sure it comes under the microlight category. Then we need to do a bit of surgery - the very nice under panel aft of the firewall no longer fits now that we have installed an air filter! Words were said. After that it's a case of getting the correct hardware for attaching the panels to the under surfaces, having a test run of the engine, get a proper inspection performed and then face the paperwork. We still aim to have it flying this year but who can tell?  You will of course be kept informed.......   

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