Thursday, March 19, 2015

Have wings, will fly further!

 A couple of happy chappies having successfully mounted both sets of wings and with the engine cowling temporarily in place.

A couple more wires to mount and a lot more nuts and bolts to put in place and she'll be looking good for the coming Classic Fighters Airshow.

Plus a few extras to try to make it look even better than she is at the moment. It is almost a shame to take her out into the bright Marlborough air, she looks so pristine! (I did give her a bath the other day....)

It's been a long haul since I forget when but it is so good to see her almost ready for her first flight.  There is of course the inspection to take place plus some (or should that be 'a lot of') paperwork and the payment of certain monies to certain regulatory bodies before that can be accomplished.  But, hey, she should be in the air this year!

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